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January 2008 Issue

Sports Roundtable: Superbowl ’08 Preview

*AUDIO* inside article (12.29MB)

Super Bowl/ AFC, NFC Championship discussion with Max Shay,
Pat Garofalo and Andy Meyers. Edited by Andy Meyers.

Alumni presence indicates Track team’s appeal

Evaluating sports programs is not always as easy as it seems, especially at the Division III collegiate level. Athletic directors across the country are faced with making difficult decisions with regards to hiring their coaching staff. They are obligated to set the foundation of what will make their school unique from all of the others […]

The Hoot chronicles the Brandeis activities fair

Featuring Brandeis ‘newbies’, filmed by Clarissa Stark and Andy Meyers and edited by Pat Garofalo.

Women’s B-ball can’t handle Yellowjackets

The Brandeis Women’s Basketball team’s NCAA hopes took another hit as they finished their two game road trip with a brutal loss to Rochester 77-61 on Sunday. The loss came after Brandeis picked up its first UAA win Friday at the expense of Carnegie-Mellon 74-58. The Judges started strong, continuing their positive momentum from Friday […]

Women’s Track wins Reggie Poyau meet

With alumni, friends, and family watching, the Men and Women’s Track and Field teams competed this past Saturday at home. The Reggie Poyau Memorial Meet consisted of 11 teams on the Men’s side of the competition and 14 Women’s squads, and the Judges were able to register some strong individual performance, to come out high […]

The Hoot inaugurates Ollie’s new eatery

Featuring Jordan Rothman and The Brandeis Hoot editors, and edited by Andy Meyers and Clarissa Stark. Filmed by Clarissa Stark.

Senior VP responds to Union protest of SE funding decision

Senior Vice President of Students and Enrollment Jean Eddy sent an explanatory e-mail Jan. 18 to the student body regarding her decision to allow Students Event direct access to the Student Events Fee following a Union demonstration in December protesting the decision. Eddy explained in her e-mail, “it is important…for all students to understand the […]

Cleaning blurs with sport during Extreme Ironing

More often than not, people don’t enjoy taking out their ironing board, waiting for the iron to warm up, and spending countless minutes attempting to get rid of any wrinkles. What then, one may truly wonder, would provoke anyone to do just that—but on an extreme level? Still, ask yourself this. What would you rather […]

Access ‘Hootywood’

*AUDIO* inside article (8.09MB)

New movies and recent trends in Hollywood
with David Pepose, Sydney Reuben and Andy Meyers. Edited by Andy

VOCAL 2008 uses poetry to promote social change

Do actions really speak louder than words? Maybe not, if Saturday night’s spoken-word benefit concert, which used words to promote social activism, is any indicator. The concert, aptly named VOCAL 2008: Speaking Up for the Future, called on world-renowned poets, to help raise awareness about the importance of after-school programs in Massachusetts, as well as […]