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Hillel Election Results Announced

Published: April 27, 2012
Section: News

After more than a day of voting that was open to the entire study body, regardless of religious affiliation, Allie Saran ’13 was elected president of the Hillel Executive Student Board.

The new campus relations coordinator Maddie Crilly ’13 and the social events and culture coordinator Ilana Pomerantz ’13 are also both members of rising senior class. Several rising juniors also gained executive positions including Adena Morgan ’14 who has been elected to the office of education coordinator as well as Joey Rosen ’14 the new Shabbat and festival meals coordinator.

A few underclassmen also succeeded in obtaining offices on the Hillel Executive board. Jillian Hoenig ’15 will now be serving as the tzedek/social justice coordinator and Adam Ossip ’15 will take on the mantle of the religious life coordinator.

Jake Altholz ’15 succeeded in pursuing a write-in campaign and gained the position of Israel programs coordinator. He is currently the only candidate who won office through a write-in campaign. According to Saran there is still a position available as the finance coordinator. Saran explained that the finance position is currently looking for candidates, and can submit a half-page platform. The president-elect will review these platforms and appoint a position. This is in line with the Hillel constitution as is necessary to fill the as-of-yet unfilled position of finance coordinator. Official installations will occur a week from Friday at Hillel Shabbat dinner.