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Living analog in a digital world

Published: March 17, 2006
Section: Arts, Etc.

Researchers, Developers, and Scientists are good for the earth,
New technology and discovery, do they give birth.
To improve life on this planet for all to use,
And in turn we lap it up with enthusiastic muse.

Cures for disease
And locating whats under the high seas,
Are important contributions.
But some inventions are less noble and will have retributions.

New Cars, MP3 players, Computers, and New Phones,
All to be developed and enter our homes.
Oh yeah, that will fill the void in our missing lives
And bring us to new highs.

While thousands of ourselves daily starve to death
we receive new inventions from Listerine that correct our natural breath.
What the hell is going on in this crazy world of ours?
Instead of ask that question we head out to the bars

But the economy must boom so Invent away
They dare say.
Without thought to what will be made,
And who in the end will have paid

And we lap it up whether good or bad,
We lap it up because it is the thing to have.
It becomes one of our new desires
Filled to the brim with high tech wires.

Today I am bitter
And I quiver.
Because inventions thought to be wise
are leading to my demise.

I thought I had it bad
Years ago before it was the fad.
When my Dad came knocking on our door
And called to us four

Get together hed say
To which wed reply no way.
At the sunset at the hotel
At the beach, the pool, and the motel.

Us brothers hated to stop and be still
He wasnt aware that it would kill,
The moment we were in
Just so one more card could be in the collection.

Has he heard the word memory before?
Or become too old that his mind had closed that door?
But we were nice and stood still,
After all it didnt make us ill.

For eventually hed run out
There was only so much film he could bring about,
The day wore on
And no longer could he stop us for a pose, that ability was gone.

But now you wretched fools
Youve come along with your god damn tools,
You think you better our world with what you make?
Give me a fucking break.

Now look at what youve done
Youve ruined all my fun,
No longer is there time to be had
What you have created is plain sad.

A world where pictures have no end
Where taking them constantly has become a trend.
Now every outing has interruption
Because as dictators know no limits leads to corruption

Experience is no longer about memory
Its about imagery
Its about the pictures you can take
The beauty in them is all fake

For you are looking at faces of people who are depressed
Because the expectations of their pictures has them stressed
Gotta smile, gotta look like were having fun
Raise that Corona just in front of the setting sun.

Oh that came out fuzzy
And Jake wasnt looking was he?
Hold on a sec stay right there
Smile, say cheese, fix your hair.