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Meet the presidential candidates: Herbie Rosen

Published: April 8, 2011
Section: News

Herbie Rosen – 2012

American Studies Major

Journalism and Legal Studies Minors

Current Union Position

Student Union Secretary

Campaign Slogan


Other Campus Involvement

Orientation Leader, C.O.R.E coordinator, Brandeis Undergraduate Theater Consortium, Brandeis Theater Ensemble, Waltham Group Volunteer Vacations

As Secretary

Rosen feels he has been able to become comfortable with every aspect of the university and understand all the logistics of being president and working with the student body. In his opinion his ability to handle multiple projects as secretary has allowed him to become even more competent to juggle the many challenges and expectations faced as president.

Main Presidential Objectives

Have a student representative on every university committee, without exception. He plans to institute an application process through the Union so that student body members can sit on these committees, not just Student Union members and furthermore so there is never a question about student opinion when impactful decisions are being made by the university.

Focus on aiding the current housing situation. While Rosen acknowledges that university needs more housing on campus, he also feels that the university in the mean time needs to renovate the housing it does have and institute a system for helping students find off campus housing such as a off-campus liaison in the office of Community Living.

“I have the fire in my belly to get initiatives rolling and make sure they follow through, with the new administration of President Lawrence this is the time we can really work together to get things done.”