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Herbie Rosen elected union president

44 percent cast votes; down 6 percent from last year

Published: April 15, 2011
Section: Front Page, Top Stories

Herbie Rosen ’12 was elected president Friday morning in the first round of Student Union elections. Rosen won by more than 600 votes.

The election was highly anticipated and involved detailed pre-election coverage in all major campus publications.

Akash Vadalia ’12 who ran against Rosen for president and finished in second place felt that the election was fair and fun. “I’m glad it went to a good candidate if it wasn’t me” he said. Vadalia does not plan on running for any positions or joining Rosen’s Executive Board. “I’m going to head out on this note,” he said.

Amber Kornreich ’12 finished in third place in the presidential election and refused to comment on the election.

Four seats in the election were left unfilled due to receiving more abstain votes then votes for candidates. These seats will be filled in round two elections.

According to the Student Union Constitution, if a seat receives more abstain votes then votes for either candidate, the election must be redone for that position. This cannot be changed unless there is a two-thirds majority vote of the entire student body.

Ryan Fanning ’11, member of the election’s commission explained that this system is not conducive to the voting system of instant run-off “until the Constitution is changed [the system] is useless,” Fanning said.

Rosen felt extremely tired but “shocked, absolutely amazed and dumbfounded” immediately following the results.

“Obviously the election went spectacularly well on my side, the voting definitely exceeded my expectations and I’m so grateful,” he said. “It had three extremely capable and excited candidates, Amber had an energy that really enticed voters and Akash with all of his experience. It’s really amazing it turned out this way.”

In response to the empty seats and issues with abstaining votes and the current election system, Rosen plans to make it one of the first discussions with his Executive Board.

This semester Rosen plans to speak at the upcoming State of the Union address and learn all he can from the current Student Union President Daniel Acheampong ’11.

“Daniel is still president and until I’m sworn in I just want to learn and listen and be a support system if he needs it.”

Following his swearing-in Rosen wants to make sure that he selects the most capable E-Board. He feels that selecting an efficient support system will make sure things are done next year.

Applications for the E-Board will be sent out following April break.

“I am absolutely amazed by the support and when we get back next year it’s really time to get things in motion,” Rosen said.

In a previous interview Rosen explained that his main objectives for next year are to make sure a student representative is on every single university committee without exception, have university assistance to students searching for off-campus housing and to renovate the housing we do have such as East Residence Hall and Usen Castle.