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Editorial: No social life? No, social life!

Published: March 31, 2006
Section: Opinions

Weve heard the campus react to the (perhaps temporary) loss of our twice-annual party, Modfest. The perennial cries of the administration ignores students and theres no social life on campus are heard from many in the student body.

One of the favorite complaints for a Brandeis student is that there is nothing to do on the University campus. Undergraduates are often frustrated with on-campus events, and want more things to do between studying for midterms and, well, studying for midterms.

The Student Union considered the concerns of students and issued a proposal this week. The message of the proposal was fairly straightforward: if you want to have fun things to do on campus, and you want the administration to work with you, you must take initiative, and act responsibly.

Lets take Modfest as an example campus event. Students enjoy Modfest, in part, because of its high attendance. If students like it so much, why was a moratorium put on Modfest? Quite simply, its because students didnt act responsibly there. Last semester, many students wound up in the emergency room due to excess alcohol consumption. The administration doesnt want to stand idle while students harm themselves they are arguably liable for students actions, and have the students best interest in mind. The administration, facing possible anger from the community and parents, and possible lawsuits from injured students or their families, decided to cancel Modfest. The event will arguably be saved at some point, but if it does come back, it will not be the same Modfest of past years.

So what do we do without a Modfest? Well, we tried running similar events in other quads, but it has never quite worked. Some may remember last years Rosenball. What that event was missing, more than anything, was people. For a new periodic event to occur on campus such as Modfest, were going to have to work together, take initiative, and communicate as a student body to our leaders as to what we want, and where we want it. We will have to cooperate, and invest time, but in the end, itll be worth the effort.

In the meantime, lets look for something else to do on weekends. If you think nothing is happening on this campus, youre not looking very hard. Sure, there are the occasional big-budget events to attend, like this weeks O.A.R. concert. Those are easy to find.

Then, there are the events that arent quite as easy to find out (unless you read the entirety of Alwina Bennetts emails). However, that doesnt make them any less worthy of your time. For example, consider SunDeis, Culture X, or Adagios Spring Show. These are going to be well-traveled events, and you will enjoy them.

Invest some time into this campus, perhaps some money, act sensibly, and there will be lots to do on campus, Brandeis. Trust us.