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APRIL FOOLS: Wal-Mart for Village space

Published: March 31, 2006
Section: Opinions

The debate regrading the open space in the Village dorms has been dominated by fringe liberal interests on campus. The most vocal lobby for the Village space is in favor of creating an Activist Resource Center. While this is a nice idea, this discriminates against the majority of the Brandeis population: those that do not care about genocide and illegal labor practices. The Brandeis administration should invest in the community's interest: creating a store that offers quality products at the lowest price possible.

Wal-Mart has long been a staple in American culture, helping lift the economic burdens facing the lower class of America. Nothing could be more aligned with Brandeis' founding in social justice than allowing a store that provides quality jobs and cheap products to American consumers. Many of the groups that are calling for an Activist Resource Center actively support “jobs” in America, yet they are not calling for use of the Village Space that would create jobs in Waltham. They argue that they need an Activist Resource Center to hold meetings and to store their propaganda, however they ignore the benefits of having a Wal-Mart on campus.

If a Wal-Mart were on campus, it would irradiate the need for an Activist Resource Center. Groups that complain that they do not have space to store their activist materials could just throw them out after every event, provided there was a Wal-Mart on campus. Why bother storing your propaganda posters when you could just buy a new poster for 94 cents in aisle 28?

Wal-Mart's benefits would extend way beyond the activists on campus. Students whom are crippled with the burden of traveling off campus to buy 20 packs of shampoo could purchase them cheaply in the Village. Additionally, it would acquiesce the students whom are calling for a non-Aramark eatery to be placed in the space. All Wal-Marts are equipped with a delicious and inexpensive dining chain, thus allowing students to purchase cheap products and dine on gourmet food all in the same location.

In short, the selfish liberals on campus should be ignored by the administration and a Wal-Mart shopping center, which benefits the entire community, should be placed in the Village Space. The administration must realize that these anti-American, anti-jobs, and anti-developing nations terrorists need to know that the campus is bigger than their narrow interests that hurt American workers and the American poor.