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Shortage of candidates a sign of wasted potential

Published: September 23, 2011
Section: Editorials

We believe the Student Union can have a lasting and measurable impact on campus if properly staffed. Several union positions have remained vacant for multiple elections. This apathy for filling these positions is simply a symptom of a much larger problem.

Over the past few years, the Union has been filled by too many members allowing themselves to get caught up in the red tape and bureaucracy that often comprises their weekly meetings. It is no surprise that students don’t feel an urgency to run for positions when the Union is not making any substantial difference in their lives.

If the Union wishes to attract qualified candidates it needs to create visible change that will entice incoming classes to become one of them. They need to identify problems both large and small that can be tangibly impacted by their work over one year such as former President Andy Hogan’s cell phone signal amplifier in lower Usdan.

When impeachments and a lack of progress make more conversation than actual senate projects there is a serious problem. The Hoot Editorial Board believes the root of this problem is communication. The Union needs to implement better tactics for communicating with students about their needs as well as the Union’s successes.

The Union needs to recruit by example and that means making the most impact with the senators they do have. Followed by making sure the students know about and see those changes.

We believe that in order for the Union to become something of which students are proud, the Senate, the president and his executive board need to follow through on promises made during campaigns and become a presence with their constituents on more evening than just the Midnight Buffet.

We praise the president for his initiatives yesterday with the “Cash Cart” and his attempt at increased Union visibility, but in order for the Union to become the prestigious university organization it should be, it needs to concentrate on more than fun.

Hopefully, the newly elected senators and representatives will recognize the responsibility and power they have to bring meaningful change to student life.