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Letter to the Editor: Keeping racism out of our publications

Published: April 7, 2006
Section: Opinions

To the Editor,
This is in regard to the poem printed in the March 28, 2006 issue, “I Hate Thugs.” as I read this title I sensed that the topic would be racially offensive and include a lot of stereotypes against the African American community but I was hoping I was wrong. As sure as rain, the poem is in support of racism, racial superiority and negative stereotypes against the African American community. I'm well aware of the fact that The Hoot newspaper is satirical but it is now pushing its limits to the sensitive issue of racism by singling out a particular race and attacking its common lifestyle and characteristics.

I know that The Hoot does not necessarily print material that represents its views but the editor should be doing his/her job to ensure that racial slurs like this which are offensive to although a few, do not filter through. Even though some races are a minority on this campus, they should be put into consideration as they do not enjoy reading racist remarks against them. We all know racism exists but that's why there are private publications and groups (which are by the way illegal) for interested individuals to share their racist views and comments. Mr. editor, please keep this out of our brandeis publications.

On behalf of the African American community (not only in Brandeis) and all those against racial stereotypes and racism, I am kindly requesting an apology from The Hoot for publishing such an offensive article.
Thank you very much.

Susan Byali, midyear '09