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Alumni association post vacant again

Published: October 14, 2011
Section: News

The Student Union will be holding yet another election for the post of representative to the Alumni Association this month, as the winner of the election last month has belatedly decided not to accept the position.

Jenny Lau ’14 will not be assuming her role and a fresh election will be held Monday, Oct. 24.

“This will allow us to gather more candidates, give people more time to campaign, and allow us to look deeper into our current election system with Big-Pulse,” a statement by Union Secretary Todd Kirkland ’13 made available to The Hoot late Thursday said. The alumni representative position took several elections to find its current representative, the junior post, last spring as well.

In the race for senior representative to the Alumni Association, sophomore Jenny Lau won. Rosen argued that the junior and senior seats reflect time spent on the Union, not one’s junior or senior class year.