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Police still investigating Sept. robbery

Published: October 14, 2011
Section: News

Public Safety is still investigating the robbery that occurred on campus at approximately midnight on Sept. 25 in the men’s restroom by Levin Ballroom in Usdan.

“The victim said an object was pressed against his back and money and other items were taken from his wallet,” read an e-mail sent to the Brandeis community, from Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan.

The identities of the individuals involved in the robbery, including the victim, have not yet been released.

The night of the robbery attracted many people from off campus because of a Student Events sponsored concert with the band Guster as well as a dance sponsored by AHORA!, a Hispanic/Latino awareness group.

Callahan said that additional Public Safety staff were on duty at both the concert and the Usdan dance event.

“Concert security requirements are reviewed similar to other social events and usually require additional staffing and other support requirements,” he said.

The Department of Public Safety is still evaluating the event and the impact it may have to any policies in the future.

“Each event which occurs on campus is reviewed for security requirements. We provide an optimum level of security at events and supplement with additional staff as necessary,” he said in an interview with The Hoot. “Concerts may pose concerns due to the number of guests and the fact that they may be open to outside guests.”