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Editorial: MayDay: It’s not about skipping classes

Published: April 28, 2006
Section: Opinions

Many of our parents were once immigrants in this country. Even Native Americans are decended from ancestors that immigrated here over the Bering Straight. Native-born American citizens should all be thankful that, beacause our ancestors traveled to this country, we were granted full citizenship, whih allows us to enjoy the rights and freedoms that we here in America tend to underestimate the value of.

We tend to take the pleasures of citizenship for granted. However, some people do not receive those same benefits, even though they live in the United States. Some have lived here for many years, but are not recognized as citizens.

No matter how you feel about immigration, it is heartening to see that there is an energetic dialogue in this nation about a real, important issue. People are having true debates about immigration, instead of denying that immigrants are here.

Substantial concepts, like border security, economic inequality, and the meaning of citizenship, are being contemplated here. Americans are taking to the streets, protesting in record numbers for this cause. Protesting for ones beliefs: Imagine that!

On May 1, MayDay, another protest will occur in Harvard Square regarding this contentious issue. Assistant Dean of Student Life in Support of Diversity Jamele Adams is putting a day of events together on MayDay so that students can get together and think about immigration.

We urge you to consider attending these events. But remember, its not about skipping class. Its about representing your views and broadening your perspective. Its about having an open discussion about an issue that affects millions of Americans.

Its important to check out the events during MayDay. Why? Because, no matter where you live, illegal immigrants probably live in your community. Because your ancestors were once immigrants. Because its important.