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Letter to the Editor

Published: April 28, 2006
Section: Opinions

Dear Editor,

Now before you write some right wing editorial blasting the ICC groups for their overreaction to your allowance for free expression in your publication, I hope you will reevaluate the poem you recently printed by Mr. Ehrlich in the Hoot and see why it is is incredibly offensivenot only to racial minority students, but to peoples of all backgrounds. The stereotyped image this poem portrays of black people in particular, criticizing their culture because it is somehow inaccessible and seemingly materialistic is a crass and ineffectual attempt at adressing any realisticly intelligent racial issues. It teaches nothing, raises no real issues, only presents the ethnic person as an objectified thing, one that the HOOT can trivialize and mock, in the very pages of our school newspaper. At the very least, it was printed in extremely poor taste, and only serves to reinforce many peoples feelings in the Brandeis community that the Hoot has increasinly acted irresponsibly, publishing things that do not reflect the values of our community, and once again abusing the support of our SAF to print things that are unworthy of publication.

For Shame.

Adam Schwartzbaum

Dear Editor,

Your shameless lies disgust me. You wrote in your editorial this week,”Regarding this latter commitment, to this day The Hoot has published all but one submission we've ever received.” Funny. I've submitted letters multiple times to you and never once seen one published.
Adam Schwartzbaum '07

Editor's Note
The one letter referenced here was submitted by Adam Schwartzbaum last year.
The “multiple” submissions Schwartzbaum was referring to included the aforementioned submission and the letter to the left of this note. The letter to the left was not published in our last issue because it was received after deadline.