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Student Events “fallabrates” the season

Published: October 21, 2011
Section: Features

This Friday the Brandeis community has reason to take a break and celebrate during the first ever “Fallabration” on the Great Lawn from 1 to 4 p.m. At this time of year many students are worn out from all-nighters and the constant stress of classes, and few get a chance to notice the great things about fall. The fun-filled event will provide a wide array of entertainment and food for attendees.

The Student Events Entertainment Department is in charge of planning and running the event designed to give all students an enjoyable way to celebrate the fall.

“We strive in all of our events to make it as much fun as possible for as many students as possible,” entertainment coordinator Rachel Nelson ’13 said.

A local farm will be providing pumpkin for Fallabration and there will also be art supplies supplied for pumpkin carving and other activities.

“We have never held Fallabration before but we hope it will be well received so that it can become a yearly tradition,” director of entertainment Ellen Franz ’12 said. “We are really excited about the fall and Halloween themes.”

Students can look forward to candy apples, wax hands, a photo shoot with scary backgrounds, hot apple cider and pumpkin Munchkins.

“We think it is a great chance for students to enjoy the fall weather before it gets cold. It’s going to be great!” Nelson said.