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Final Union election fills remaining seats

Despite low turnout, all positions filled

Published: October 25, 2011
Section: News

The final elections for the Student Union were held mid-semester, after a series of setbacks due to high rates of abstentions on earlier ballots. The latest results are in, however, and are as follows:

Union Judiciary
519 votes—14 percent turnout
Claire Sinai—103 votes
Zach Breslaw—86 votes
John Fonte—66 votes

Senior Rep to The Alumni Board
491 votes—14 percent turnout
Destiny Aquino—263 votes

Mods Quad Senator
37 votes—21 percent turnout
Betsy Hinchey—19 votes

Charles River Quad Senator
23 votes—7 percent turnout
Deena Horowitz—15 votes

Racial Minority Senator
154 votes—12 percent turnout
Jonathan Beaver—31 votes

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