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Waltham mayor wins third term

Published: November 11, 2011
Section: News

Waltham Mayor Jeannette McCarthy won re-election for her third term in office Tuesday, beating her 22-year-old challenger, Andrew Wirth, by 89 percent.

Wirth, this year’s surprise candidate, began his campaign by breaking a world record and gaining a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records by spinning the Guinness Book itself on his right middle finger for 40 minutes, according to The Boston Globe.

McCarthy’s plans include acquiring the Fernald property; finishing the Polaroid project; strengthening public safety, city services and schools; focusing on public health issues and over-capacity infrastructure including water, sewer and drain systems, according to The Waltham News Tribune.

McCarthy acknowledged the many challenges she will face in her third term as mayor. “The major challenges facing the city are the uncertain economic climate, public safety including illegal activities such as homicides and drugs, and the city’s aging and over-capacity infrastructure,” McCarthy told The Tribune.

McCarthy continued to say Waltham will continue to find ways to save taxpayers’ money while stressing that the city will still have to spend millions of dollars to build up its infrastructure.

“I do the job that the citizens elected me to do,” McCarthy told The Tribune. “I am a proactive, hands-on mayor. I do not take the easy way out when difficult decisions have to be made. As a leader, I do not ignore issues, but deal with them.”