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Linsey pool gets $1M donation

Published: January 20, 2012
Section: Front Page, News

Thelma Linsey donated $1 million Thursday to support the sports center and pool named after her late husband, former Brandeis Trustee Joseph M. Linsey, university officials said.

President Fred Lawrence began meeting with Thelma Linsey after the university announced last winter it would renovate the Joseph M. Linsey Sports Center and pool. Although the agreement had been reached weeks ago, the donation arrived as a check on Thursday two days before a re-opening ceremony and party to celebrate the $3.5 million renovation.

Officials said the donation would support the programs and operations of the Linsey center and planned to make a formal announcement at Saturday’s ceremony.

The money could be used for a range of purposes, including athletic program funding, debt relief and building maintenance, officials said.

In 2008, the pool closed because Brandeis could not afford the estimated $2 million needed to repair the HVAC system and piping in the basement.

The allocated funds also repaired locker room facilities, the entrance way and upstairs cheering areas for the pool.

Beginning Monday, the pool will be open for weekday lap swim hours in the early morning afternoon and evening. The facility will also be open for lap swimming on the weekends from noon to 4 p.m., with a few separate time slots designated for only men or women.

The university’s varsity swimming program will begin Sept. 24 under the guidance of Head Coach Mike Kotch. With the pool re-opened, Brandeis will also hold gym and fitness classes this fall.