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Book deliveries stolen

Published: September 8, 2006
Section: News

Several bags of books delivered to Brandeis by Back Pages Books, a private bookstore in Waltham, were stolen this week, according to Alex Green 04, the bookstores owner. Students reported that the books were missing from their packages, which Green delivered to campus and left in the vicinity of the English Department Office, which is in the Rabb building.
Were working out the kinks of the system, said Green. People couldnt get up right away to pick up their books. He added that he thought no one would take coursebooks, and that the area in which he left the books was insecure. Green did not know for certain how many books were stolen.
All students that purchased books were alerted of the theft through an email sent on the afternoon of Sept. 6. Green wrote that it is with great regret that I must halt our Monday-Friday evening Rabb Steps book deliveries. Last night I discovered that a large number of books, which had been stored on campus, were stolen. I cannot afford to incur such a loss, nor am I willing to risk your ability to get the books you rightfully paid for.
The students whose books were stolen have expressed support for Back Page Books, and do not blame Green or the store for the theft.
They were really nice, really accommodating, said Caitlin Holden 08. I will continue to bring my business there.
Josh Mervis 07 also complimented Greens handling of the incident. They seem to be adequately taking care of the situation, he said. While it would be nice to have the books delivered to campus, I feel sorry for them as an independent bookstore suffering from theft.
Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan said that he was not made aware of the theft. Nobody officially has reported this, he said, adding that if alerted well investigate and see what measures we can initiate.
Green said that deliveries will continue on Sept.11, but that students will now only have one day to pick up their books, after which the texts will be brought back to the store.
I never thought something like this would happen, he said, but theres nothing you can do to prevent theft. He also emphasized that he does not blame the student body at large for the crime.
[The students] have been really amazing, he said. The last thing I want to come across is a loss of faith in the student body.