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Union involved in campus life

Published: September 8, 2006
Section: Opinions

To the Editor:
As President of the Brandeis Student Union Government, I believe it is my duty to correct the glaring inaccuracies of the article entitled Clubs Most Effective at Bringing Change by Kevin Montgomery.
Of course joining a club is a great way to be an activist and a leader on this campus. The work of our clubs certainly has a transformative effect. However, their impacts are immeasurably higher when they work in conjunction with our Student Union.
In the case of both the Fair Trade Campaign and the Student Global AIDS Campaign, Student Union efforts at publicizing these movements, supporting them in multiple meetings with senior administration, and passing resolutions in support of student goals (like the unanimous Senate Resolution supporting the Student HIV/ Global AIDS Campaign to bring HIV testing to Brandeis) significantly aided these student efforts.
As representatives to our administration, we assure that student opinions are heard. During New Student Orientation week, I was not in a yellow shirt, but I was meeting with administrators from 9-5 working on issues like residence life, facilities, finances, and social life. The truth is that your Student Union is intimately involved in nearly every aspect of campus life, and becoming a part of that institution is a terrific way to have a major effect on it. The myth of inaccessibility and bureaucratic nonsense needs to be dispelled now, because our Student Union is one of the most transparent, accessible, and active in the nation, and we are working tirelesslyand succeedingat making Brandeis everything we want it to be.