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Hey,who are the new kids?

Published: September 8, 2006
Section: News

The first-years have been oriented, have started class, and have officially molded into full Brandesians by now. They know the difference between Shapiro the dorm, Shapiro the campus center, and Shapiro the admissions building by now. They know the Jump! Shake your booty! chant. They know what SAGE and BEMCO stand for.
But who are these strange creatures that have descended onto our campus? Lets take a closer look! (All statistics are according to Gil Vilanueva and the Novus facebook.)
The 873 students who received acceptance letters were chosen out of 7638 applicants, which is a 36% acceptance rate, two percentage points more selective than last year. The students are from 39 states, including 200 from Massachusetts and 159 from New York. There are 50 international students, coming from 29 countries, including six from China, five from France, and four from Turkey.
“The Class of 2010 features 47 Justice Brandeis Scholars, 60 Presidential Scholars, 54 Dean's Scholars, and 15 Martin Luther King Scholars,” according to Villanueva's email.
Students were asked about their probable field of study, and 30.8% responded with Science, 28.4% determined Social Science, and 19.8% were still undecided.
Two-hundred and eight students applied for a spot in Early Decision, 165 were accepted, and 164 are attending the University. Though Brandeis' target class size was only 735 students, 774 students decided to attend Brandeis this year.