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Midyear senator elected, Charles River still vacant

Published: February 17, 2012
Section: News

Derek Komar became the first midyear senator after the election Monday night with 37 percent of the vote. He is intent on effecting change in both the student body’s perception of the Student Union and the Union itself. While he concedes that many before him have tried and were largely ineffectual, he believes that his new position will add a “new perspective and a new fire” to the debate.

First-year senator Sneha Walia ’15 expressed the views of many at the student union, “I’m glad we have the position and I think Derek is really passionate about leadership and I’m really excited to work with him.”

Komar is also extremely focused on not only integrating midyears into the whole of Brandeis’ student body, but also retaining their sense of camaraderie. “I’ve talked to some people, and they really like how separate and bonded they feel. I want everyone to do exactly what they feel comfortable with. Both going outside their comfort zone or staying in it.” He hopes to continue to represent midyears not only when they are in the Village, but also after they have dispersed into other quads.

The position as representative of the 2015 midyear class is newly formed. It had been proposed in the past but not until recently has there been enough support to send the issue to a vote. In the past, it has resulted in the impeachment of a former president and much contention.

Union President Herbie Rosen ’12 promised a midyear senators position in his State of the Union address last fall. It was created on Feb. 1 with an overwhelming majority and only 10 abstentions.

Due to abstention, the Charles River senator position will remain vacant until the next election. Komar does not believe that the abstain option impedes elections; he replied “I think it’s important to have it. I’d rather wait until a person willing runs than force students to choose someone.”