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Brandeis ranked among best-value colleges

Published: February 17, 2012
Section: News

Princeton Review has once again listed Brandeis as one of the “Best Value” colleges in America. The average student, the survey claimed, graduated Brandeis with $21,000 in debt. Nearly 70 percent of students receive financial aid, the same percentage that borrows money in loans.

While Brandeis has significantly higher tuition than the national average for private universities, its gift and other financial aid warrant its place on one of the 70 best private institutions this year.

The annual survey collected information on academics, financial aid and tuition costs. Brandeis was not in the top 10, which listed Ivies and other high gift-aid able universities, but some students feel that the Review’s list of 150 public and private colleges is “subjective” because the ratings fail to recognize other legitimate measures of value. The survey did not take into account future earning potential, student/faculty ratios or average student happiness.  The Princeton Review senior vice president Robert Franek lauded the institutions for attempting to keep relative costs down, but assured that the list was not simply based on a low “sticker price.” He said the rankings also required a commitment to “excellent academic programs.” The online database tracked the overall tuition costs—for Brandeis about $54,000—its need-based aid, as well as the percentage of students who borrow.