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2010 Senator election enters final round

Published: September 15, 2006
Section: News

The race for Senator for the Class of 2010 drew six candidates for two positions. Jenna Brofsky, Rajiv Ramakrishnan and Miriam von Guggenberg moved on to the final round, which ends at 2:00 p.m. Fri.

With only two weeks at Brandeis under their belts, most of the candidates admitted it was difficult to establish a real platform. However, they have started listening to their peers and focusing on issues they feel are important to first-year students.
Brofsky plans to promote grade unity and work toward making dining hall prices consistent with healthy decisions to ensure that we do not gain the famous freshman fifteen.

Im not going to make a lot of phony promises. I just feel that I am a person people can approach if they have complaints or suggestions, said Brofsky, who was vice president of her division of United Synagogue Youth and a member of her high schools leadership class. Once I become more familiar with the Student Union I will know what changes can be made.

Ramakrishnans platform includes putting a convenience store in the Sherman Dining Hall, funding clubs and advocating values such as diversity and acceptance. In high school, he was chairman of the student council oversight committee, chairman of the campus life committee, and president of Model UN.

According to the numbers, this is a very diverse and smart class, and I want to represent it. I will be open to every persons individual concerns and ensure that their ideas are heard, said Ramakrishnan, who is endorsed by Brandeis Academic Debate and Speech Society (BADASS), Brandeis Israel Public Affairs Committee, Brandeis University Marching Band, and Positive Foundations.

Sam Nemat Vaghar of Positive Foundations said the club is supporting Ramakrishnan because he knows what our club is about and shares our values. He is also a gifted public speaker, which really stood out to me.

von Guggenberg served as treasurer of her high schools student government. She organized cultural events including a Cinco de Mayo celebration, and if elected would like to plan more cultural events to celebrate the diversity of Brandeis students.
I have only been here for a few weeks and I dont know enough about Brandeis to know the students specific needs. Once I get to meet more people and listen to their ideas, I will know what changes need to be made to make Brandeis a better school and community, said von Guggenberg, who is endorsed by Extreme Makeover: Brandeis Edition, a club focused on bringing art and beautification to the campus.
Jeff Rosenblatt of Extreme Makeover explained, We initially met Miriam at the activities fair and she showed interest in the club. We support her because she supports us and what were trying to do on campus.

Many first-year students already have ideas they want to share with their elected representatives.

I would like to see healthier food here, since it seems like everything is fried or dipped in sauce, said Franci Blattner, adding that the dining hall hours should be extended.

Other suggestions include updating the lounges and repairing washing machines.
Jessica Delman added that, I think our representative needs to be visible and approachable, not just someone who holds a title.

Students voted online through the Student Union website. Rosa Alchanati, Ryan McElhaney and Alana Tilman were eliminated in the primary round of elections.