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Tyrone Hughes ’12: plans after Brandeis basketball

Published: March 9, 2012
Section: Sports

The collegiate career of guard Tyrone Hughes ’12 will come to an end this May. Hughes, a native of Dorchester, Mass., has been on the men’s basketball team for all four of his years at Brandeis, including two as a captain. Aside from basketball, Hughes majors in sociology and minors in economics. He has also participated in Brandeis Haiti Initiative’s annual student-faculty basketball game.
Hughes is now starting to consider his post-graduation options.
“I plan on working with Cisco in a marketing finance job. I have an interview with the northeast regional recruiter coming up,” Hughes said. “If that doesn’t work out, I also am looking into an internship with McMaster-Carr, an industrial product company out of Chicago, that will allow me to check out the business side of the company.”
In addition to these two job opportunities, Hughes plans to start his own business called 2eucefam. “I’ve been working on this with my friends since 2006. It’s an event-planning business based out of Boston. We’re currently writing up a business plan and we already have a few investors.”
Hughes added that he is considering playing basketball abroad next year.
As a captain of the basketball team for the past two years, Hughes says that these leadership lessons will define his years after Brandeis.
“I’ve been able to facilitate being a team leader. I’ve become more accountable for my actions. These past two years people have looked up to me. It’s allowed me to mature faster and become a better man. I have to know everyone’s weaknesses and understand their strengths.”
In his four years on the team, one memory clearly stands out to Hughes above all others: “It’s definitely making the elite eight of the NCAA tournament my sophomore year. We only had eight or nine guys on that team. It was a surreal experience.”
Basketball aside, Hughes is confident about his future.
“Being a captain has allowed me to become a more diverse person and will allow me to become a professional at whatever I desire.”