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Democracy in jeopardy

Published: September 15, 2006
Section: Opinions

For the second consecutive semester, flaws have been revealed within the UNET electronic voting system used by the Student Union for student government elections. By perpetually failing to address shortcomings in the election process, LTS severely undercuts the legitimacy of undergraduate elections. LTS is expected to provide students with the most secure and up-to-date technology available, yet it repeatedly fails to ensure that the election system, a fairly straightforward electronic counter, works correctly. Either LTS is unconcerned with fixing the very apparent problems, or it is unable to, and either case is cause for concern.

Following the election last March in which graduates from the previous class were able to vote, a call went out to LTS to ensure that secure elections were a priority. LTS recognized the problem and said that it was holding conversations on how to best improve the election system. Last spring, an LTS employee told The Hoot that LTS had looked into replacing the electronic voting system, because its not a real elections system.

That was six months ago. LTS has still not given the problem the proper attention, as revealed by the glitch that negated ninety minutes worth of votes in the final round of the race for Union Treasurer. How many times must a student election be marred by this antiquated, inadequate voting system before LTS will replace it? How many flawed elections will pass before the Student Union is motivated enough to encourage the administration to prioritize a new elections system?

This editorial board, and the undergraduate student body, has waited long enough for error-free democracy to be implemented.