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Brandeis briefs

Published: March 16, 2012
Section: News

Michael Rosbash, already awarded the Greuber Neuroscience Prize in 2009 for his research on the brain and sleep disorders, has been named the first Peter Greuber Endowed Chair in Neuroscience, a new university position.

The World Report and U.S. News listed the Heller School for Social Justice among the top-10 graduate schools in social policy. The rankings place Brandeis ninth in the country.

The search for a new director of The Rose Art Museum is “nearing the endgame,” according to Provost Steve Goldstein. The position will soon be announced.

Sprout Grants, which provide funding for venture ideas looking to improve commercial interest, will be awarded at the end of March.

Professor Christopher Tompkins has been granted a four-year, $50 million award to study how Medicare is funded with the Heller group.

The Faculty Senate is forming a sub-committee to understand proper responses to sexual harassment claims as well as education of faculty and staff.

According to Provost Steve Goldstein, the Accessible Tech committee will have Brandeis websites compliant with the American Disability Act, allowing sight-disabled individuals able to use them, in one year. LATTE will be monitored and faculty educated in accessible practices.

Crime Watch
A group was apprehended while carrying street signs on March 10 near the Athletics lot. Two individuals who were not Brandeis students were told to leave campus. The signs were returned.

An individual reported someone throwing glass out of a window in the 567 apartments on March 10. Campus police responded and made the offending party clean up the glass. The CDC was contacted and dealt with judiciary issues.

An accident involving a university vehicle occurred at the Main Street CVS on March 10. Waltham Police was notified and university police compiled a report on the incident. Both drivers were relatively unharmed.

Brandeis FMLA held a week of events centered on feminism and gender equality. The program included a “Feminist Coming Out Day,” tile decorating, t-shirt sales, speaker events and art installments.

On March 19, Professors Anita Hill (Heller) and Bernadette Brooten (NEJS) will hold a conference on sexual assault toward black women and the cultural, religious and legal implications which create discrepancies in the reporting and prosecution of sexual assault.