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Waltham police chief arrested for domestic assault

Published: August 24, 2012
Section: News

Waltham Police Chief Thomas M. LaCroix was arrested June 12 after allegedly assaulting his wife and verbally threatening to murder both her and her friend, who was present during the incident, according to prosecutors.

Thomas LaCroix is officially charged with two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery, assault, threats, and intimidation of a witness, the lattermost for calling his wife at work and threatening her, The Waltham News Tribune reported in June.

Waltham Mayor Jeanette McCarthy has appointed Deputy police Chief Kieth MacPherson to serve as acting chief for up to the next six months pending resolution in the LaCroix trial. While LaCroix faces the assault charges, he is currently on paid administrative leave.

His trial is set for Sept. 4. He is currently confined to his mother’s property, but can visit the two properties he owns with his wife, their home in Maynard and a second property, which they are planning to sell.

The case has heard multiple pre-trial hearings and LaCroix has once changed attorneys. His wife is filing for divorce, but according to LaCroix’s attorney, no longer sees her husband as a threat, and agreed to the relaxing of the court restrictions.

La Croix was recently released from a mental health facility, where Middlesex Assistant District Attorney Susan Kontz requested he report to, in addition to donning a GPS tracking bracelet.

He was initially held without bail at Emerson Hospital, where he was moved to after his arrest, for resulting chest pains. He was released with stringent restrictions on his movement and behavior after a dangerousness hearing on June 19.

La Croix was appointed chief by Mayor McCarthy in 2008. He has been on the Waltham Police force since 1986. His badge and gun are currently in the custody of Waltham police.