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Published: August 31, 2012
Section: News

Police: Boyfriend attempted murder

A 31-year-old Waltham man has been arrested for attempting to murder his girlfriend, police said. Authorities took Brett Savage, of Adams Street, into custody Aug. 22. Savage was engaged in an argument with his partner when he placed his hand over her mouth and nose and punched her in the stomach, in what police called an attempt to suffocate her. The girlfriend escaped and was able to call 9-1-1 before police found Savage on Moody Street.


Corpse found in Charles, cause still unknown

A man’s body was found floating in the Charles in Waltham on Aug. 16. There were no signs of trauma. The Globe reported that an autopsy was to be conducted in order to determine the manner and cause of the man’s death, but no other information has been released since his discovery more than two weeks ago.Stephanie Goyatte, a press officer from the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office told The Hoot that no identity has been discovered yet, and that they were still waiting on results.


Former police chief to appear in court next month

Waltham Police Chief Thomas LaCroix has been released on his own recognisance after his wife, whom he is accused of assaulting, agreed with the judge on his case that the restrictions on his release could safely be reduced. LaCroix has also been given permission to see his two sons, albeit under supervision. He is next scheduled to appear in court on Friday, Sept. 14.


Univ among happiest colleges in US

Brandeis was named the sixth happiest college in the United States this month by Unigo College Rankings, which tabulated the schools where the vast majority of students voted that they were happy with their school choice. The five schools ranked higher than Brandeis on Unigo’s happiness scale, in ascending order, were George Washington University, Grinnell College, nearby Boston University, Barnard College and the top-scoring University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Police still searching for stabbing suspect

Waltham police are searching for a man they believe stabbed two women, one in the leg and the other in the forearm. Both women were hospitalized but neither are at serious risk of death. Juan Francisco David, 40, is accused of the crime, which police say happened Thursday morning. NBC Boston