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X-Country guts through the Codfish Bowl

Published: September 29, 2006
Section: Sports

The mens and womens cross-country teams competed in the 39th annual Codfish Bowl this Saturday and both posted great results. The men were able to continue their successes from previous meets on the 8k course to earn a third place finish out of the 18 division III teams at the meet. The women showed similar success with a sixth place finish out of the 21 teams present, with Megan Bisceglia 07 finishing first out of all the division III runners on the 5K course. Both squads showed outstanding performances and set personal records at this competition.

The men were led by Rookie Brian McDonald 10 who was able to post a time of 26:15, earning him 10th place overall and eighth among scoring runners. This was the second meet in a row in which he was able to boast this time and the first meet where McDonald finished first among the Brandeis runners. Matt Jennings 09 finished second among his teammates, claiming 13th place overall with a time of just under 26:30. Tim Condon 08 and John Guilinger 08 finished close together to earn the Judges 16th and 19th places respectively, while Mike Stone 09 rounded out the Brandeis finishes at just over 27 minutes, earning him 36th place. The mens team earned 81 points, just 11 points away from claiming second place.

The women had similar success during their competition this Saturday. Bisceglia ran the 5 kilometers in 19:06, earning her fifth place and first among division III runners. Teammate Emily Terrin 08 ran the course just over 20 minutes to finish in 32nd place and Rebecca Happnie 09 finished 44th overall. Rebecca Hughes 08 ran just over 21 minutes to claim 55th place, while teammate Talia Langman 08 finished off the Brandeis scorers in 89th.

This meet saw the Brandeis teams particularly understaffed, as the teams found themselves without many of their usual top finishers. Nevertheless, individuals such as McDonald were able to fill in the gaps and post great times on this Franklin Park course. I think we did really well, especially considering we didnt have all our runners. stated Stone about the recent competition. “We really showed our depth. Teammate Dan Suher 08 made observations about the value of this exhibition. This is not the most important meet, quoted Suher, but its still good to get in a race on a course where our next big meet will be held.

The women had similar comments about their performance at Saturdays meet. It was really a down week for the team because a lot of people werent running, commented Camille Stevens-Rumann 07, but a lot of those who did run got their PRs on the course, and they ran well.

The Judges have several straight meets on this Franklin Park course and their success on it gives them much optimism for the rest of the season. They have meets throughout October, finally culminating in several championship meets between the end of that month and the beginning of November. Both the teams have shown much success and improvement throughout the season and this trend is likely to continue for meets to come.