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Aronow’s Week 4 NFL winning picks

Published: September 29, 2006
Section: Sports

Arizona v. Atlanta: Arizona has been getting beat up and the Falcons will not make it easier. The Falcons are back at home and will be looking rebound from the beating they took against the Saints. The Cardinals have a chance if they can get RB Edgerrin James to play better than he has so far this year. I say it aint happening this week. Pick: ATLANTA

Dallas v. Tennessee: Dallas experienced quite a scare when reports came out that WR Terrell Owens was hospitalized in a suicide attempt. T.O. has claimed otherwise, but this could prove to be distracting for Dallas. Tennessee will be at home but they are a mess this year. If the Owens incident doesnt prove to be a distraction, the Cowboys should have an easy win. Pick: DALLAS

New Orleans v. Carolina: After the Monday night game, I have to admit that the Saints are for real and their offense should be more than enough to handle a surprisingly weak Panthers defense. It will all be for naught though if WR Steve Smith has a big game for the Panthers. Pick: NEW ORLEANS

Indianapolis v. NY Jets: The Jets have home field advantage for this game. Unfortunately, thats the only advantage they have against the Colts, who are the class of the AFC. Pick: INDIANAPOLIS

San Diego v. Baltimore: Both teams are undefeated, though the Chargers are coming off a bye week and the Ravens from a 15-14 scare at Cleveland. Both sides have very strong defenses and question marks on offense. The key will be how Chargers QB Phillip Rivers handles himself against a real defense, as the Ravens will look to shut down RB LaDanian Tomlinson. The Ravens, it cant be said enough, need their offense to really step up;

otherwise it could be a long night. I ultimately like the better-rested Chargers. Pick: San Diego

Jacksonville v. Washington: Last week Mark Brunell set an NFL record with 22 straight completions. Unfortunately, that was against the Houston Texans, who have no pass rush whatsoever. Jacksonville is entirely different story and if they shut down Clinton Portis, then the Jaguars are going to pound the Redskins in what could be a low-scoring drag out. Pick: JACKSONVILLE

New England v. Cincinnati: The Patriots have been underachieving all season, with a lions share of the blame on a non-existent offense that has no number one receiver. Unfortunately for the Pats, the Bengals are a team on a meteoric rise and, with the hometown crowd on their side, I expect QB Carson Palmer to slice the Pats up. Pick: CINCINNATI

Seattle v. Chicago: The battle of the NFC heavyweights. Seattle has the better offense and Chicago has the better defense. The Seahawks are vulnerable though, as they will be without RB Shaun Alexander for quite awhile, so the pressure falls on QB Matt Hasselbeck and his receiving corps of Darrell Jackson and Deion Branch. However, the Bears need QB Rex Grossman to show that his error-prone performance against Minnesota was an aberration. Ultimately, I like the better defense over better offense;

hence I like Da Bears. Pick: CHICAGO

Green Bay v. Philadelphia: Wow, talk about your least exciting Monday night match-up. The only question to ask is will Donovan McNabb throw for 300 or 400 yards against the Packers? Pick: PHILADELPHIA