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The Weekly Glutton

Published: September 14, 2012
Section: Arts, Etc.

This week we went to Carl’s Steak Subs. It’s a take-out place on Prospect Street (close to the Hannaford stop or the 99 stop on the BranVan) but if you want, weather permitting, you can sit right outside. Even before entering, you’ll smell the aroma of carmelized onions and grease from approximately a block away. Enjoy it. When you walk into Carl’s, you have to squeeze yourself between the counter and the window. Once you’ve successfully maneuvered through the door, look up at the menu and figure out what you want. There are options such as, steak subs, chicken subs, burritos, sandwiches, quesadillas, salads and side dishes.
Within each category, there are spicy and mild options for all tastes. Each of us ordered one item and combined, our order cost $20, including beverages. When you think about how much a meal might cost at a Brandeis food locale, this is pretty cheap. Especially since the amount of food they give you is definitely enough for two meals. On that note, for $1 more, an item can become a “large.” Take the option.
Once you get your food, we recommend sitting outside in order to watch the cars watch you. Waltham residents are very interested in your lunch and maybe your face, but mostly your lunch. Your food will come in a bag, so you can either eat there or take it to go. If you eat there, however, they will bring your food to the tables outside. On that note, the days of eating outside are numbered, so if you want to get some Carl’s in you while sitting outside, go now. Open up your food and take the first bite. Delicious. All of the food is hot on arrival and requires no thought as to how delicious it is.
We tried the smokin’ chipotle burrito, which contained chicken (or steak if you so desire), rice, black beans, BBQ sauce, bacon, spicy Chipotle sauce, melted cheddar and jack cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. It was awesome. You know those burritos where you have to bite all of it to get the flavors? This was not one of them. Fear not, for you can bite the left half, enjoy it, and then bite the right half and enjoy it, too.
We also tried the greco chicken sub (large) which contained: chicken cutlet, feta cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and Greek dressing. This sandwich was really good but you’ll need a rest at halftime because it’s a lot of food. It is, however, definitely conquerable if you’re hungry.
Upon leaving, take your leftovers with you because they heat-up well the next day. We definitely recommend Carl’s to any Brandeisian who is looking for a quick and easy sub/burrito.