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Back Pages plans dorm deliveries

Published: October 6, 2006
Section: News

After several bags of books delivered to Brandeis were stolen last month, independent bookstore Back Pages Books is taking steps to prevent future theft, according to store owner Alex Green 04.

Back Pages Books, located on Moody Street in Waltham, began selling books for Brandeis courses this semester and originally made deliveries to Rabb steps that students were able to pick up. After students reported that books were missing from their packages, however, Green halted the Rabb steps deliveries.

The store will resume deliveries to Brandeis next semester, but Green plans to change the service. Back Pages Books will offer direct-to-dorm delivery for students who live on campus. Although Green has not yet decided how to deliver to off-campus students, he said he will probably establish drop-off points and schedule times for students to pick up their books.

There will always be an option so that students who cant make it to the store can get their books, said Green.

Changes to the delivery system are being implemented to protect students as well as the bookstore. Green does not yet have an estimate of how much merchandise was lost, but said his business suffered from the theft.

It definitely took me down a few notches, he said. Its something you never want to deal with, and something you hope you never have to. We operate on such a small margin, and any time something like this happens you take a large hit. Its difficult for any bookstore, not just the independent ones but the chain stores as well.

However, Green also noted that students were very supportive and said that they thought what happened was terrible.