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Student Union Senators continue work on their ongoing projects

Published: September 21, 2012
Section: News

Now, with classes in full swing, the Student Union and senators-at-large are working to accomplish last year’s goals, including club support, aesthetic and safety improvements on campus and improved dining services.

The two current senators-at-large are Theodore Choi ’14 and Charlotte Franco ’15. Their positions differ from the rest of the Senate because unlike class senators or quad senators, their work is not limited to helping one specific constituency.

They “work on projects to improve campus life and try to be a good liaison to the administration,” Choi said.

This year, Franco is a co-chair of the newly established Club Support Committee. Their mission is to “tackle the number of clubs we have, how we can fund them, and how we can make club funding more efficient,” she said. They will work in conjunction with Student Activities on club initiatives.

The new initiative means that each club’s constitution may change. Every club is already required to fill out mandatory forms for club renewal each year, a “census” that determines their funding needs, and which clubs are still active or inactive.

Brandeis students will notice the aesthetic improvements to campus that the Senators are also working on. “Keeping the campus safe, in regards to fixing walkways, stairs, and the sort, is especially important for students,” Choi said. “Keeping it looking nice and pretty is a plus. All senators have the potential to be involved in this project, though I think quad senators are more involved than class senators.”

Dining services is also a hotly debated issue that remains on the forefront of the Student Union’s agenda. Last year, the Union advocated for extending POD market hours until 2 a.m. on Saturdays, and Einstein’s now opens at noon on Sundays instead of 4 p.m.

This year, the Senators-at-large are collaborating with the Dining Services Committee to bring more dining options to campus and maintain more convenient hours.