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What movie do you want to see?

Published: October 6, 2006
Section: Arts, Etc.

The end of summer marks the end of the summer blockbusters, and ushers in a whole new crop of movies. This fall, films will be hitting our local Loew's that range from Sundance favorites and cartoon classics to serious Oscar contenders. The Hoot knows how important ten bucks can be, so we preview the fall's new movies for you here.

In Laurie Collyer's Sherrybaby, Maggie Gyllenhaal plays Sherry, recently released from prision, a former drug addict and serious narcissist. She's also the mother of a young daughter, and the movie depicts Sherry's struggle to stay clean while regaining custody of her daugther. Gyllenhaal has already been nominated for various film festival awards in an already critically esteemed film.

The Science of Sleep is the latest from Michel Gondry, the man behind 2004's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. This movie has no Jim Carrey, but instead stars Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal as Stephane, a man who can control his dreams. He falls in love with his beautiful neighbor, only the relationship that blossoms in his dreams cannot carry over to his real life. The reviews have been mixed, but this is definitely a movie for the thinking man.

Sony Pictures' latest vehicle, Open Season, is a cartoon story of an overweight bear named and a one-horned deer who end up stranded in the woods during (gasp) hunting season. The duo band together with the other forest animals to turn the tables on the hunters.

A movie with Scarlett Johannson and Josh Hartnett means one thing: hot. In the latest from a lover of film noir, Brian De Palma, Hartnett and Thank You For Smoking's Aaron Eckhart play detectives hired to investigate the murder of Hollywood starlet Elizabeth Short. The two become obsessed with the investigating the murder that takes over their lives. The film is the fictional account of a true story, because the case has never been solved. With an all star cast including Hartnett, Eckhart, Johannson, and Hilary Swank, it's one of the fall's must sees.

Millions of people came out to see Jackass: The Movie, so there is no doubt that the sequel will generate millions of dollars. The boys are back in town as Johnny, Bam, Ryan, Chris, Steve-O, and more dream up the craziest, and most creative, ways to harm a person. Knoxville blindfolds himself and gets headed by a bull. If you liked the first film, you're sure to like the second.