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Despite error, Union announces results of elections

Published: September 21, 2012
Section: Front Page

Thursday’s election ended with new officials in a number of positions, but more notably a number was left unfilled due to errors in the voting process. First-year students were unable to vote and recent alumni had not been removed from the polling process and were still able to cast ballots.

According to Student Union President Todd Kirkland ’13, no upperclassmen were affected by the glitch. When he looked at the polling software, officials discovered that the incorrect security group was chosen. Last semester’s student body was sent the voting announcement email, which included recent graduates, leaving out the first-year class, who were not on campus last semester.

Elections will be re-held this Friday for Eco-Rep, Brandeis Sustainability Fund and the Judiciary. Ridgewood Senator ended in a tie, after results were manually analyzed and the position will be held to a re-vote as well.

The elections ended midnight Thursday with a usual low voter-turnout for Brandeis. Approximately 11 percent of the student body cast votes, but 50 first-years reported that they were unable to vote and the results may have been skewed.

Student body president Todd Kirkland commented on the low voter-turnout, which has been consistently below the majority for the last few years.

“If students don’t feel like it’s important to them, they aren’t going to take the time out of their day to go and vote. Now, why exactly students feel that way, I don’t know,” Kirkland said.

No seat has been filled for the East Quad Senator position due to the lack of interest in the position.

The positions elected included Alexander Burger as North Quad Senator, Jonathan Jacob as Massell Quad Senator, Biana Gotlibovsky as Rosenthal Quad Senator, Shukai Zheng as Castle Quad Senator, Ha Raum Cho as Village Quad Senator, Daniel Schwab as Charles River/567 Quad Senator, Daniel Marks as Ziv Quad Senator, Nicholas Polanco as Mods Quad Senator, Dean Kaplan as Off Campus Senator, Andrew Chang and Jianqiang Yao (the latter of whom won by default as runner-up without meeting the quota for majority vote) as Class of 2016 Senator, and Dennis Hermida-Gonzalez as Transitional Year Program (TYP) Senator.