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Third round of elections Friday

Published: November 9, 2012
Section: News

In an email to the student body, Union Secretary Carlton Shakes admitted fault for overlooking an error in the voting software, which led to the announcement of an Off-Campus Senator, though the position has not actually been filled. The abstain option won instead and according to the Union Constitution, the position will remain unfilled until the next round of elections. The election for Off-Campus Senator will be held today, Friday Sept. 28.

East Quad Senator now has multiple candidates, and will be voted on in the third round of elections taking place today.

Brandeis Sustainability Fund Representatives Flora Wang and Padraig Murphy were announced on Sept. 22 after their initial wins were negated by a mistake in voting procedure.

The first round of elections had displayed the incorrect security group, according to Student Union president Todd Kirkland ’13. Last semester’s student security group had been picked, which included seniors who graduated last semester, also not allowing the votes of incoming first-years. The mistake affected any election in which the entire campus was eligible to vote. Other positions that had to be revoted were Judiciary, now filled by Michael DeFeo and Ridgewood Quad Senator, which resulted in a tie despite the voting software’s assessment of a winner.

This will be the third round of elections since last Thursday.