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Mods parties suspended until further notice

Published: September 28, 2012
Section: Front Page, News

On Wednesday, the Department of Community Living announced that until further notice party registration in the Foster Mods has been suspended.

In an email to the Mods residents, George Marshall, Community Development Coordinator for the Charles River Apartments and the Foster Mods, acknowledged that while many students have registered parties and followed the established procedures, the many unregistered parties made large contributions to the problems of the past few weekends.

Specifically, “overcrowding, excessive noise, public drinking and underage alcohol transport” were listed as the reasons for the crackdown. While the email sent to Mod residents states that the suspension of parties will only last “for a brief period,” the email is noticeably vague.

In order to allow parties in the future and as a procedure to return the Mods to normal conditions, Marshall will meet with the Mod Community Advisors, Mod Senator “and a few Mod residents,” as well as the Department of Public Safety to resolve the lingering concerns.

From the perspective of Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan, “This year there seems to be more concerns existing at the Mods at an early point of the year.”

Stephanie Crane, CDC for East Quad, sent an email Thursday to East residents, the closest dry quad to the Mods, reminding residents of policies regarding parties and underage drinking. In the email, she urged residents to “please avoid off-campus and on-campus student parties.”

As reasoning for why residents of East are encouraged to avoid parties, Crane’s email included reminders that underage consumption of alcohol, aside from the risks it poses to the consumer, also creates risk for the hosts of parties.

Emails that were sent to students did not include a date for the return of parties in the Mods.