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And why do you hate Brandeis?

Published: October 13, 2006
Section: Opinions

Ever since I was a freshman last year and probably before then, it has been the in thing to despise Brandeis University. Like, I hate it here. I never quite understood this phenomenon. Why people hate Brandeis is either untrue, unimportant, or easily fixable.

What follows is a list of reasons. Theres not enough partying, the campus is not intellectual enough, the campus is too liberal, the campus is not political enough, there is not enough to do, the kids are too antisocial, and the boys and girls are not attractive enough. Next is my response. If you want a party, make one, go to a fraternity or sorority house, pay attention and keep your eyes and ears open for the usual Ziv, Ridgewood, Village and off-campus parties, and/or take a chance and see a show or other artistic eventor athletic event, for that matterwithout having to go to an alcoholic party. (Hell, if you really need to drink, pre-game;

I did so once before last years production of Shakespeares The Scottish Play, as the superstitious call it, and it was fun!)

If the campus is not intellectual enough for you, youre not hanging out with the right people. You dont need the entire campus to be full of intellectuals, and the same goes for attractive members of the gender to which you are sexually inclined. Trust me, there are plenty of cute guys and gals on our campus. The campus is liberal, but so are most campuses, and whats wrong with it anyway? (In addition, ask people how they feel about Israelits not too liberal, is it!) If you dont like it, join one of the multiple anti-liberal clubs, or maybe form your own. Trust me, the campus is political enough: open your eyes! Many kids here are antisocial, so make it a project to get to know them and see if you can befriend themand that will give you something to do! Or, gee, how about doing your homework? Or go to class for a change (Im especially guilty of missing and skipping classes, and Ill be the first to admit it). Go to Boston. See a museum exhibit. See a movie. Go to one of those hall programs put on by your CA. Join some clubs and actually do something for them, instead of just sitting there once a week without truly getting involved. Organize. Plan. Volunteer. Go on the Breast Cancer walk. Flirt with someone new during class. Hellplay footsies! (I still do it.)

Another solution to your woes is to visit friends from other schools and meet people there. Invite them to Brandeis. See if your club or clubs can do interactive events with other universities. Youre not dumb;

just do it!

Finally, yes, its true that our dining halls need major improvement. And yes, its true that the removal of the Voices of Palestine exhibit was embarrassing, and yes, many other things are true, too. But imperfection is not a cause for hatred. On the contrary, it should be a cause for action. If its broken, fix it. Complaining about it with your friends confidentially and never raising these issues with the proper authorities does not constitute as fixing it. If anything, it increases your level of self-pity, and nothing is more demolishing of attractiveness than self-pity. (Kill two birds: Stop self-pitying, and more people at Brandeis will be attractive!)

On that note, Id like to say that I personally think its a matter of self-esteem. The same people who claim to dislike Brandeis with a passion are the same people whose confidence causes them to feel the same way about themselves. I guess its true that you cant respect others until you respect yourself, and others would include not just people, but institutions as well.