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Union bringing “Purple Rain”

Published: October 20, 2006
Section: News

The Student Union has scheduled an event for October 20th entitled Purple Rain, after the 1984 film and soundtrack created by Prince. The event is to be held on the Great Lawn, and will be the first Brandeis event at which the new Civic Responsibility Model will be implemented.

What makes Purple Rain interesting is that it is not just an event, it is the civic responsibility plan put into action, said Student Union Director of Communications Brian Paternostro 07. It incorporated all of the issues raised when you have large scale events and responds to them in creative ways.

The Civic Responsibility Proposal text reads that the document is a response to the many conversations regarding issues of social life on the Brandeis campus, and with it the Student Union wants to present solutions for improving the experience that students have outside of the classroom. The proposal is also designed to encourage both the Student Union and the Administration to take a more proactive approach to educate the student body and expand the opportunities that a better Brandeis social life can offer to students.

The proposal includes a plan to have Student Activities, Residence Life, and PERC educate the community about proper party management. It also reminds students about their social responsibility to Brandeis and to the Waltham Community and encourages the Office of Public Safety and students planning an event[to] meet and go over logistics and expectations on both sides.

In addition to the implementation of the Civic Responsibility Model, the Union intends for the Purple Rain event to have a significant artistic aspect to it.

It's as much a celebration of art as it is a social life event, said Paternostro. The Beer Garden, first of all, will not be a beer garden. It will be installation art. Instead of using tables to make the barrier, we are using purple umbrellas in a very Christo-esq manner. There is also going to be real lighting. Then from the balcony will be all the purple specials. We're going to gobo a Prince symbol, [and] have different sliders on the lights so the gels can rotate shades of purple.