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Brandeis LCU gives conservatives a campus home too

Published: November 16, 2012
Section: Features

The Brandeis Libertarian Conservative Union is one of the many politically-inclined clubs on campus at Brandeis. Its members are part of the Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans, which includes notable schools such as Harvard, M.I.T., Boston University and Boston College.

Morris Didia ’14, one of the leaders of the club, explained, “The Brandeis Libertarian Conservative Union is a political club on campus that creates an environment for politically conservative students to express their opinions.”

The club coordinates itself with the College Republican National Committee and the Young Americans Foundation, an organization that “promotes conservative principles on college campuses and asks college students not to be embarrassed to out themselves as conservatives in the heavily-liberal environment that surrounds them.”

The BLCU includes 10-12 members who consistently come to the meetings and the debates stem mostly from economic issues but also involve social issues. They believe that President Obama, who just recently won re-election for a second term, has a method for fixing the economy that will not work. According to Didia, the “Republican Party is the champion of economic issues, while the Democratic Party is the champion of social issues.”

Didia believes that the core of the economy of the United States is small business and that to ensure success taxes must be cut, allowing the small businesses to “generate enough capital to grow and create jobs.”

The club has consistent speaker events: last year, they brought the notable conservative columnist S.E. Cupp to speak at Brandeis. She is also the co-host of “The Cycle” on MSNBC, in addition to being a contributor to Fox News and CNN. In early December, BLCU is bringing David Horowitz to campus to speak of conservative values.

Although the club is Republican in its values, Didia makes sure to mention that they do not fall into the stereotype of far-right Republican social views.

“Most of us are for same-sex marriage,” he says. Speaking about Mitt Romney, Didia had this to say: “I believe he was the best candidate—he was a modern Republican that works well with the opposing party. Also, the most important issue in this election was the economy. Governor Romney was the perfect candidate to get our economy back on track. He built a multi-billion-dollar company and created millions of jobs so his knowledge in the private sector is definitely unparalleled.”

Although their candidate lost the recent presidential election, Didia shows a great grace in defeat, saying that, “if America feels that he’s (Obama) the best candidate to make America strong economically, then I respect their judgment and I wish the president the best and hopefully he succeeds.”