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Editorial: The value of campus media

Published: October 20, 2006
Section: Opinions

This week, the Justice reported on an apparent controversy regarding police action against a student in the Foster Mods last weekend. Two accounts of the incident immediately emerged;

that of the campus police, and that of student eyewitnesses. Whether or not the student was mistreated is an open question;

for now, the truth remains obscured.

A story that otherwise would have been manipulated by rumor was put into the proper context by a campus newspaper, and the paper provided the campus with the facts of two diverging stories without formally endorsing either. However, even without a formal declaration of which account better describes the events on last Saturday, the Justice has performed a service for the university.

Not only did the Justice provide information about what may have transpired, but it also protected the two parties in the altercation by attempting to paint a balanced picture.

This is what our campus media is here for;

we exist as a venue for campus news and discussion. We provide you biweekly with the stories behind current Brandeis events.
Not only does The Hoot report on campus goings-on, but we also provide a large section of our paper for our community. As a campus newspaper, we are compelled to allow the campus to share its opinion. All members of the community are encouraged to submit work to our Impressions section, no matter what its subject matter. To date, we have only refused one piece.

Brandeis media is often overlooked as a means of communicating with the campus. We will make you aware of what our editorial board believes is important, but that is not our sole purpose;

we are here to let your voice be heard. You do not have to be an administrator or a Union member to take advantage of the space provided. We are your megaphone.