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This is NOT your high school marching band

Published: October 20, 2006
Section: Opinions

Time to brush off that saxophone and show some spirit! The newly formed Brandeis Marching Band is getting to work on some spunky tunes to liven up this seasons basketball games and campus events. Theyre working on pep band favorites including YMCA, Rock and Roll Part II (also known as the Hey Song), Tequila, We Will Rock You and the Chicken Dance. Student Ben Pernick has arranged the Rocky Theme for the group and Amelia Liphardt has composed a Brandeis Fight Song.
The Brandeis Marching Band was chartered this year by the Student Union. The group currently numbers between ten and twenty, depending on other groups rehearsals. Their third rehearsal was a bit sparse due to a competing rehearsal of the jazz ensemble for Seussical. When not otherwise enriching the sound of Brandeis, they rehearse Monday nights at 9 p.m. in Ziv commons under their own direction.

But this is not your high school marching band. The attitude is relaxed and fun;

no bossy drum majors with those nasty shrill whistles here. Everyone comes to have a good time playing with friends. Theyre a welcoming bunch, as evidenced by their celebration of an addition to the clarinet section last week.

The group got rolling in July when sophomore Jordan Rothman called up classmate Ben Pernick and talked him into being musical director. They then began recruiting other Brandeis musicians via email. Shanna Hollich, in addition to directing another on campus musical group, Topscore, lends both her playing and directing talents to the marching band.

The group plans to perform at Louispalooza before the pep rally as well as regularly performing the Star Spangled Banner at home basketball games. While still few in number, the group has an energy that is sure to liven things up. As a newly established club theyre still looking to prove themselves and dont plan to spend any of their funding until after theyve introduced themselves with a first performance.
Theyre aiming for maybe twenty or thirty members next year according to the ever-energetic Rothman. So think about pulling that instrument from high school out of the closet and showing some love for Deis.