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Waltham resident arrested in Village for Trespassing

Published: January 24, 2013
Section: Front Page, News

University police arrested a Waltham resident for trespassing in the Village A residence hall last Thursday evening. Police identified the man as Matthew Razani, 26.

Students in Village A placed two different calls, the first to the Waltham Police by dialing 911, and the second to the Brandeis Police. The students who called, “did not recognize Razani, were concerned about his actions and realized that he did not belong in the building,” Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan said.

At 11:14 p.m., “Waltham police called Brandeis Police [saying] that they received a call about a suspicious male within Village A. The individual was described as wearing a black hat, black shirt and black puffy jacket. A second call was received at Brandeis dispatch that a suspicious male had entered Village A,” Callahan said.

Shortly after the arrest, Callahan and Rick Sawyer, Dean of Student Life, sent out a campus-wide email alerting the student body of the arrest and warning students to keep doors locked at all times.

“This is a reminder, primarily to resident students, to keep the outside doors to residence halls secured at all times. Please do not prop the doors, ever. Please be concerned about persons who do not look familiar waiting to be let into outside doors,” they wrote.

According to Callahan, Razani followed a student into the Village A house, and entered an unlocked room after attempting to enter another room which was apparently locked. When Brandeis Police arrested Razani, he was located on the Village A fourth floor.

“Students should never allow anyone into a residence hall. Students should use their own keys and access cards, this way we can ensure residence hall security. Over the years, students have left doors unlocked, or penny the doors or break locks to allow easy access. University police often find broken locks and doors which are repaired by Facilities staff,” Callahan said.

In Sawyer and Callahan’s campus-wide email, they urged students to keep inside and outside doors locked at all times, especially when leaving residence halls and at night.

“If you see someone who you believe does not belong in or around a residence hall, please call Campus Police at 781-736-5000. And finally, if you are in your residence hall room, and you are done for the day and night, please lock your room door,” they wrote.

Callahan also stressed the importance of students not dialing 911 while on campus, as all 911 calls are automatically rerouted to the Brandeis Police Department. Calling the Brandeis Police immediately is therefore more efficient.

“Students should keep doors locked and report door and lock problems to Facilities services. Students live in a safe university community and should practice safety measures,” Callahan said.

Razani was arrested on one count of trespassing and since he was later found to be intoxicated, Waltham Police placed him in protective custody.