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The right time for An Inconvenient Truth

Published: October 27, 2006
Section: Arts, Etc.

Students for Environmental Action and their subsidiary organization the Campus Climate Challenge hosted a screening of An Inconvenient Truth this week from Monday to Thursday in the Golding auditorium. The purpose of the event was to not only display the harmful effects of global warming through the documentary by Al Gore, but also to encourage people to take part in the activities of the club. Over one hundred people attended the first showing of the movie on Monday night and watched the hour and a half long documentary. Afterwards, students stayed around as members of the organization sat behind tables and provided more information about the topic and ways students can get involved in solving the various problems.

Jamie Pottern 09, the leader of the Campus Climate Challenge, was the first to speak at the event as she introduced American Studies professor Laura Goldin to give an overview of the importance of the topic. Professor Goldin was later quoted as stating that her presence at the event was to show her support of such environmental action. She also commented that she wished the Brandeis community would see this movie and draw their attention to the ongoing challenge. Other staff members attended the packed showing, many of whom are also in the American Studies department. They were on hand to give their support for the students in their efforts to raise awareness and tackle the problems of global warming.

Students cited various reasons for attending the event. Some had genuine interest in learning about the topic and wanted to receive more information about global warming. Im concerned, quoted Sheryl Nagy 10 as the reasonsthat she attended the showing. She went on to explain her interest in the subject and her desire to learn more about it. Others believed that the issue is crucial for our generation. Stephanie Maneles 09 explained, I wanted to see the movieits an important lesson on the consequences of global warming. Still other students had differing reasons for attendance. I had to see it for my IR class, commented Preethi Roa 09 as her reason for attendance along with other students who were mandated to see the movie as part of a class requirement.

The Campus Climate Challenge is a nation-wide student-run program that attempts to enact environmental change at the grassroots level through college campuses. Currently found at over 300 colleges nationwide, the organization came to Brandeis this fall. The Brandeis chapter was started by Pottern, who was quick to receive volunteers and support. Later, the club was able to expand with the assistance of Katya Dreyer-Oren 09, Doug Hopping 09, and Elise Diamond 09. Many other volunteers have also come out to help the organization with planning and executing their ideas. The Challenge has also worked with Students for Environmental Action and has used that club as an overarching organization for their activities.

Pottern, the main coordinator of the event, had numerous reasons for organizing the showing. She stated that it would raise awareness about Global warming on campus and motivate students to take action on the issue. Pottern was excited about the success of the event and is looking forward to upcoming activities. I think were going to gain even more members after the showing and we have really exciting events planned for the future.

Students for Environmental Action and the Campus Climate Challenge will continue to provide many other events in the future in order to promote their message. As a part of their fact-spreading initiative, they will hold a Climate fair on November 30th to create even more awareness on this issue. This screening of An Inconvenient Truth assuredly served as an effective medium to both bolster support for the organization and increase knowledge on an important issue of our time.