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‘Grey’s’ Season nine brings repetitive drama

Published: February 13, 2013
Section: Arts, Etc.

As new seasons of television shows get into the thick of the drama, “Grey’s Anatomy” is no exception. The show ended last season with a major cliffhanger—a tool that the show uses to engage the audience each season—and this season picked up right where it left off. The most recent epic cliffhanger was a plane crash where the lives of all of our favorite doctors are at stake, including Dr. McDreamy, Meredith Grey, Dr. McSteamy, Lexie Gray and Arizona Robins.

It wouldn’t be a new “Grey’s Anatomy” season without the expected dramatic results from last season. This has become the pattern. Now into the middle of their ninth season, the drama has grown larger and larger and less contrite, but still important. The eventual result is the heartbreak of viewers, as one of their favorites plays victim to the drama. As last season ended and this season began, the exit of two beloved characters came along with it: Lexie Gray and Mark Sloan, also popularly known as Dr. McSteamy. Both of them exit the show, giving into the injuries they received from the plane crash.

With their deaths, as with every dramatic event that happens in the show, comes the effects on other characters. The aftermath of the crash is still unraveling, even 13 or 14 episodes into the season. With the departure of some of the viewer’s favorite characters, other loved characters’ lines have improved and some story lines have improved. Along with the new story lines, as with every season, comes new interns.

Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington), Shane Ross (Gaius Charles) and Heather Brooks (Tina Majorino) are the new interns at Seattle Grace-Mercy West. The new interns at the hospital are, surprisingly, the easiest characters to fall in love with and enjoy watching. The drama surrounding their flings with the residents, who now consist of our regular favorites, Meredith Grey, Alex Karev and Christina Yang, are a less important aspect of the episodes. The relationships do happen, as with every season on “Grey’s Anatomy,” but compared to the plane crash and the aftermath of our beloved doctors, they are a subplot.

It has been a nice change to see the Meredith and Derek drama subside now that the season is underway. For the first time in a few seasons, Derek, Dr. McDreamy, is no longer the focus of the director’s drama and turmoil. The refreshing change has now placed the focus on other characters. The immediate effect of the accident placed a focus on Callie Torres’ and Arizona Robin’s relationship. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) was required to look after Arizona Robins (Jessica Capshaw), whose life drastically changed after the accident. With Robins distraught over her amputation, their relationship has become strained.

The beginning of season nine very much follows Arizona’s transition to her old life and routine. The focus on her strained relationship with Callie got tiring and petty after a few episodes. There was far too much focus on Arizona’s sulking and not allowing Callie, her wife, to help her. As a viewer, this became frustrating.

The focus also moved to Christina, who, at the beginning of the season, chose to transition to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. The show continued to follow her and her new relationships with the doctors. This season held a cameo by William Daniels, popularly known as George Feeny on “Boy Meets World” and Steven Culp, who is cast as head of surgery. When she does return to Seattle Grace-Mercy West, the drama does not stop. Viewers then see her and Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), who is now Chief of Surgery, sort out their relationship, which at this point is beyond complicated.

This season also brought back other favorites, Jackson Avery, Miranda Bailey and Richard Weber. These characters have had a constant storyline, making them favorites. Their stories follow the life of the hospital and their fellow doctors. They have become characters that do not have quite as clear a subplot as others but they do have humorous twists that link their stories.

These recent developments have rattled life in the hospital and the well-being of our favorite cast members, some of which have just gotten back up on their feet after the drawn-out season premier. The constant drama the directors choose to add to the show gets tedious. The result of the most recent twist being developed these past few episodes will determine the tone for the following episodes, and how this season pans out for “Grey’s Anatomy.”