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Letter to the Editor: Conservative Response #1

Published: November 3, 2006
Section: Opinions

Mr. Rothman,

Regarding your opinion piece Memoirs of a conservative at Brandeis University in the Oct. 27th issue: I am a tree-hugging, civil-liberties-loving, welfare-supporting, church-and-state-separating liberal… and I agree with you. Brandeis can be a hostile environment for conservatives, especially in class. Ive actually spoken with a few of my professors to ask them to tone down their liberal editorializing, even when I agreed with what they were saying, because I felt that a university class was an inappropriate place to preach personal political views. With that said, please do not ever again compare your situation with that of people who suffer real, often violent and physical persecution, especially to proudly proclaim your affiliation with a political party that persists in treating gay people as subhuman and bigotry as a value. I dont care how tough you think you have it here;

none of these friends you feel so abused by is going to beat you up now that they know the truth about your political views. Comparing your experience with that of the people your political allies demonize and oppress was in extremely poor taste. It is this very hypocrisy and insensitivity that makes it so difficult for liberals like me to find any common ground with conservatives like you. Please refrain from making that comparison in the future.
Kate Roller 09