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SKIN fashion show both stuns and raises awareness

Published: March 21, 2013
Section: Arts, Etc., Top Stories

Brandeis Asian American Student Association (BAASA) brought a night of fashion to the Levin Ballroom March 16. The show, which was part of the celebration for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), showcased various fashion lines that were designed by Asian Americans. The lines they featured included FOB lifestyle & apparel, Angela & Roi, Rent the Runway, Enzoani and g.Kim—known better as Grace Kim, who is a Brandeis alumna—and a special feature by Brandeis’ own Fashion Design Club.

The show began with a fashion line by Grace Kim, whose apparel presented outfits for the girl who likes to look effortless, yet glamorous while she is out and about on the town. It then transitioned to the FOB lifestyle & apparel line, which tailors its apparel for both men and women who are very laid back. Designers Richy Orng and Sopheak Sam did not only take a term FOB—a term typically used to mock Asian immigrants—and transform it into a lifestyle to be proud of, but they also transformed the term FOB to advocate for social change and progression. The show followed with more elegant clothing and accessories by Rent the Runway and Angela & Roi.

The show itself ended with two clothing lines by Brandeis’ own Fashion Design Club and Enzoani. Fashion Design Club showcased two lines that showcased different day and night looks for men: the day look represented the man who is humble and easy going, while the night look represented the man’s alter ego, someone who is confident and whom everyone wants to know. The Enzoani line ended the show with elegance, including beautiful gowns and dresses any girl would die for.

The transition into each line was executed very well and with the help of two amazing MCs, Holden Collick and Alex Schmidt, and the show progressed exceptionally well even with a few minor glitches.

After the show, BAASA treated their audience to delectable Asian cuisine and bubble tea, which exposed a different side of Asian American culture. In addition to the reception, students had a chance to take a closer look at the handbags that were modeled in the show and were able to purchase their own Angela & Roi handbag or buy apparel from FOB Lifestyle & Apparel.

Audience members were encouraged to donate money to A-Task, which is the Asian task force against domestic violence. Though this was a night of fashion, it was also a chance for students to raise money and give back to the Asian American community. The idea of giving back to the community was also continued throughout almost every line that was presented in the fashion show, as each line had an overarching cause that they supported.

After weeks of hard work from everyone one who took part in the Fashion show, SKIN was a big success.