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Student Union election results announced

Published: April 19, 2013
Section: News

Ricky Rosen ’14 was elected the new Student Union President, according to an email from the current president Todd Kirkland.

Senator At Large Charlotte Franco ’15 was elected vice president. Class of 2015 Senator Sneha Walia ’15 was elected secretary, and off-campus Senator Sunny Aidasani ’14 was elected treasurer.

Daniel Novak was elected junior representative to the undergraduate curriculum committee; Alex Thomson was elected junior representative to the board of trustees; Flora Wang and Joseph Robinow were elected to the Brandeis Sustainability Fund Representatives; Aliza Kahn, Teresa Fong, Mohamed Ali and Bronia Goldman were elected to the F-Board and Xiaoyue Sun was elected Racial Minority member of the F-Board.

Two amendments proposed by the Student Union were also passed this week. Sixty-seven percent of voters voted in favor of the removal of instant runoff in elections. Eighty-seven percent voted in favor of a formal special elections process to fill an empty Student Union seat, in the event of a tie, a vacancy, or if abstain wins the election.

Proposition 3 was voted down by a majority of 66 percent. It proposed that only students with a year of Student Union experience would be eligible to run for president.