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Lemberg Children’s Center to break ground on new location

Published: September 6, 2013
Section: News

Lemberg Children’s Center has announced its intention to expand, constructing an entirely new facility to accommodate the growing needs of the Waltham community, and the pressing urge for infant and toddler care.

Currently employing approximately 80 Brandeis students under Federal Work Study, Lemberg hopes to facilitate the ability of students to engage in early childhood care through the establishment of a larger facility. According to Howard Baker, the center’s executive director, the new facility will provide opportunities to supplement Brandeis University courses. For example, it will allow developmental psychology students to conduct observational studies and education students to engage in teaching opportunities.

Baker pointed to issues with the current building, such as a lack of handicap access and limited space, as further reasons behind the implementation of a new facility.

The center will further address a pressing need for infant care and potentially allow for part-time care attentive to the needs of professors with young children. With a typical wait list of approximately 60 children, according to Baker, the establishment of the new facility will help to satisfy the growing needs of the university and the Waltham community.

Lemberg Children’s Center will hold a groundbreaking ceremony on Sept. 24, open to members of the Brandeis and Waltham community.