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IBS students are “World Ready”

Published: September 6, 2013
Section: News

After a rigorous two-year development process, IBS has announced a new branding initiative with the tagline “World Ready,” intended to increase visibility of the school and its programs, featuring a new website, print materials and an improved look and feel for their branded communications.

“‘World Ready’ means that our students graduate prepared with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive across cultures and around the world,” Matthew Parillo, the Director of Marketing and Communications at IBS, said. “The education at Brandeis IBS represents a powerful blend of theory and practice that equips students for an ever-changing global marketplace.”

In addition to highlighting the new joint BA/MBA and BA/MA programs for Brandeis undergraduates, the platform wishes to “capture and reflect the unique student experience at Brandeis IBS,” said Parillo. In fact, IBS students themselves helped create the new website, using “responsive design”—one that is compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile devices. With various audiences in mind, the site also boasts bolder visuals, stronger integration with social media and improved navigation.

One example of their efforts includes working to make the site more discoverable through search engines such as Google. “As our site and digital platforms are made more relevant to our users, they will show up in search results when they look for business education programs,” Parillo added.

IBS is also using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to further broadcast its program. In just the last seven months, IBS’ fanbase on Facebook has doubled to close to 2,000 fans, according to Adam Conner-Simons, the Communications Coordinator at IBS. “Facebook and Twitter are great ways to share content about the school with members of the Brandeis community and beyond,” Conner-Simons said.

During the platform creation process, IBS collaborated with Corey McPherson Nash, a branding and design firm based in Watertown, the IBS marketing and technology teams and University staff including Library and Technology Services (LTS). IBS brought in Corey McPherson Nash after a thorough Request for Proposal (RFP) process, and they are very excited with what Corey has brought to the table. In order to ensure that they would fully understand the entire student experience, members of the company attended admissions information sessions, classes and events. They also participated in focus groups, where students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends all provided their input on the platform.

“We are very excited about our new brand platform and especially our new website,” Dean Bruce Magid stated. “This initiative will support our efforts to differentiate Brandeis IBS as a business school and demonstrate what a world-class education we provide students.”

How to be part of the initiative:
Parillo encourages students to visit and share feedback.
If interested, contact